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"Theobromine" is the Roleplayer Guild username of the creator and player of Athalia Academy's Katherine "Kathy" ArgallAra GlaisyerYutaka Ito, and Leroy Yew. He/she appears as "Blank" when on Athalia Etherpads, and is generally referred to as "Theo". S/he is notable for his/her playing of the main character Kathy, as well as for the suggestion and subsequent widespread adoption of pan-Athalia Etherpad roleplaying.

Theo seems oddly adamant to avoiding all forms of responsibility and duties. S/he also has a legendary frying pan made of orihalcum that is good for a surprising amount of different and varying tasks. The frying pan is often used to revive NarayanK from the dead, stop NarayanK from screaming out HylianRose's name, and burying objects. It has also been implied that it is also a good tool to help 'improve' people's memories, though this has never been proven.

During Season TwoEbil Bunny attempted to replace Theo with a clone known as "Theobrime". Not much is known about said clone, but it is suspected that s/he might still be lurking about, looking for the right time to strike.