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Vikki Miller is a character in the Athalia Academy universe created by Driving Park. She is either an antagonist or protagonist depending on who she is working for, and has a very ambigious moral compass.


  • Gender: female
  • Species/Race: human
  • Age: 22
  • Height: 6'0" / 1.83 m
  • Weight: 147 lb. / 66.68 kg
  • Hair Color/Type: black; extremely long (~100cm) and voluptuous
  • Eye Color: green
  • Skin Color: fair/umblemished tan
  • Figure: see for yourself.

General Summary

Vikki Miller is a ruthlessly effective bounty hunter who may appear sporadically throughout the canon. It is doubtful she'll play a prominent role for more than brief moments at a time, as her relevance to the Academy and its students (at least initially) depends entirely on who hires her to do what, which is entirely up to everyone else. NarayanK can decide Apophis wants to hire her, HylianRose can decide Maria Cross wants to hire her, etc. When not in a job, she's presumably elsewhere, doing her own thing and not being relevant to the canon.


In the midst of dozens of incredibly powerful ability-bestowed students, teachers and villians, Vikki has none. She is a normal human, with no ubergenes or anything like that. However, she is extremely well trained in a multitude of specialties and silky smooth refined in each, to the degree that she can go toe to toe with any supers using nothing but her two Persian Long Luger pistols, two katanas, and mastery of martial arts.

Things she is exceptionally trained in to the point of comprehensive mastery:

  • Marksmanship. Need a crack sniper? She's your shooter.
  • Martial Arts. She has black belts in multiple martial arts disciplines.
  • Driving. She is extraordinarily adept at driving automobiles with high speed and precision.


She may be a top shot, a deadly hand-to-hand fighter, a master swordswoman and a driver worthy of stunts, getaways and top-tier racing, but as mentioned above, she has zero special abilities or defenses. A well-placed bullet will still kill her, and her body isn't immune or resistant to any supernatural abilities. With the exception of martial arts blocking/countering techniques, her combat set is entirely offensive.

In addition, unless she's specifically paid otherwise, she always works alone.This can be a problem with your adversaries throw a lot more than one foe at you. She also isn't aware of the possibility of losing of failing, which may be a good thing in some situations but definitely bad in others.


Vikki is a professional. She is extremely good at what she does, and she knows it - and everyone else knows that she knows it. Contrasting with her frequent business mindset, she always - and I mean always - dresses very extravagantly, as seen in the picture. In addition, through the cold-hearted hitman exterior, she has the capacity to care, and go out of her way to make sure justice is upheld. But...usually not.


If Star Wars has taught us anything, it's that every good vs. evil struggle needs a good bounty hunter - one who really couldn't care less for "moral alignment" in the pursuit of the almighty dollar. As such, they are usually labeled "evil" and seem to follow that line of thinking, but aren't actually aligned at all. Vikki Miller fits this trope perfectly. A bounty hunter, mercenary, hitman, gun for hire, or whatever term you prefer, she could work for Maria Cross one day and then get offered a better deal by the ranks of Hell the next.

Apart from the fact that personal advancement and combative prowess is something that motivates Vikki, she actually had to become as good as she is to escape the slums she was born in - a cutthroat culture in a bad part of a major metropolis that effectively was walled off from the rest of the world from within. If you attempted to leave, you would be found, brought back and killed. Vikki detested the culture there and desperately wanted to get out, so she trained and trained until she was so skilled that she singlehandedly toppled the entire gang hierarchy, mostly by literally toppling everyone who tried to stop her. Once she escaped, she hit the books and over time become cultured, all the while still training. Soon her reputation preceded her and she began to be drafted into the bounty hunter career path.

Athalia History

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Although she's not much older than the average Athalia student, she's been done with formal education for years.


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Vikki appears prominently in the Carlily fanfiction set eighteen years after the events of Athalia Academy, which is where her character originated. Initially intended to be one of a number of "disposable" villains, Driving Park became so enthralled with her that she was changed into a persistent character, and much later decided to introduce her into the main Athalia timeline.