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Yevon is a student at Athalia Academy created and played by Triple A.


  • Gender: male
  • Species/Race: Ice Entity (human, enchanted?)
  • Age: 20
  • Height: ' " /  m
  • Weight:  lb. /  kg
  • Hair Color:
  • Eye Color: 
  • Skin Color: 
  • Figure: 


Esoteric Cryokinesis - Yevon has the ability to generate ice, manipulate it, and be unaffected by most ice auras.

Weapon Familiarity - Yevon can become accustomed to weapons quite easily, though he prefers using a blunt cane for fun.

Ice Cream - Yevon can share enchanted ice cream. Different flavors provide different stats, though Yevon can always modify certain flavors to have the stats of other ice creams.


Angry People - Yevon can get on "the angry birds' nerves," which he seems pretty chill with.

Excitement - Yevon is chill with exciting stuff, but he's not exactly the best person who can describe it beautifully in words. He's a bad poet.

Item Reliant - By himself, Yevon is not an effective force of nature. He is quite reliant on using random tools and match his powers accordingly with what he carries.


Chill Pill - Yevon creates a ball of gathered ice. It will retain a solid form until he activates it, which will turn it into an orb of a round blizzard. He can hurl the ball and temporarily freeze anything it hits for five seconds, though higher raw power allows people to break out of the ice faster. Frozen targets will be encased underneath solid ice.

Ground Zero - Yevon can shoot out ice from his hands, creating ice for him to skate across effortlessly. The sides of the surfing ice can either be flat or spiky. Yevon can surf through many places with extreme ease. He can also use this ability to freeze objects, though it takes longer to freeze compared to Chill Pill's instant effect.

Ice Infusion - Yevon enchants a weapon he is using, fortifying the weapon with greater toughness and causes it to deal more damage if it causes a target to bleed.


Yevon's chill. Super chill. He smiles chill, thinks chill, and even does his hobbies chill. What people think is frightening, Yevon thinks so too, but he's still pretty chill about it. He tends to be reckless due to his chill attitude toward many things, and never exactly raises his voice with extreme negativity. It's rumored that if he does get angry, he stops being chill.


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