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Updated Zivon (Random wing is not included)

Zonon "Zivon" Borshenk is a student at Athalia Academy who deals with many emotional problems and his destructive power. He is played by the fabulous Destinyfailhorror17.


  • Gender: Male
  • Species/Race: Nephilim
  • Age: 17 (appears 12)
  • Height: 5'3"/1.60 m
  • Weight: 101 lb./45.81 kg
  • Hair Color: black with blonde highlights
  • Eye Color: gray
  • Skin Color: Pale white
  • Skin Markings: Some scars at his right wrist, a couple of scars on his torso and legs and a big scar on the palm of his left hand
  • Figure: Skinny and frail


  • Age Accelerate: He can accelerate the age of objects with varying speeds/rates, as in age 2 years in one year, 5 in 3 years or even 10 years in a day. He can make objects age to death, leaving nothing but dust. Like metal to rust or an apple to a rotten waste. He can only use it on non-living things except for plants and trees.
  • Physical Restoration: He can repair and return any broken or damaged non-living object to its optimal state no matter how long it has been broken or how damaged it was.
  • Age Reversal: He can reverse the age of objects. Zivon can make thereverse aging automatic, so the item pre-ages at a rapid rate. 

(Random note when he uses his power of Age Accelerate, Physical Resotoration and Age Reversal his eyes turn purple.)


  • Extended time: If Zivon uses his powers for a long extended period of time then he could black out for at least two days and can lead to memory lost.

  • Emotions and fear: Zivon's emotions can very much lead to his downfall. Due to his persoanlity he is really unstable with his power. Zivon fears that using his power will only cause destruction which causes him to use his power more often as his power his fueled by his own fear. 
  • Half-human: He is still half-human, possessing a human soul, and still experience human weaknesses even though he doesn’t know his angel side though.
  • Sensitive touch: Easily sensitive to magic or any form of magical powers.That means he is like to get more effect than others if magic of something magical happens to him. Since his angel and human side still battle out inside of him, magic can cause consequences to his body and mind. Side affects include major headaches, uncontrollable anger, emotional breakdowns and easily weak body.
  • Hunted: Nephilims are viewed as a disgrace and a complete mistake to every normal angel, making them a prime subject for hunting. There are entire choirs of angels dedicated to the extermination of nephilim.
  • Heaven’s Enmity: Most angels regard Nephilim as the worst kind of abominations, more detestable than even demons and devils. Most angels will always react negatively to a Nephil, and will always interpret the angel’s words and actions in the worst possible light. Only a direct order from the deity they serve will ever cause an angel to aid a Nephil in any way. Nephilim can never benefit from healing or other miracles from angels.


  • ZIvon has no known abilitites just yet. 


Zivon is definitely a troubled teen. Due to his rough and unlucky past he is filled with fear, anxiety, regret, pain, desperate and much more... Dealing with a lot of emotional problems and physcological disorders such as Existential crisis, Anxiety, Depression, Paranoia, Panic attack, Manic depression (Much worse that normal depression), Selective mutism, Dependant personality disorder, Gender identy disorder, Aphenphosmphobia (fear of being touched)and Agoraphobia (fear of in escapable place or situation.He lives in an never ending nightmare as he says, his lack in self-trust, self-courage, self-independance and much more he believes he has no purpose in life.

Zivon has a lot of secrets that he is so afraid to tell anyone because he thinks that everyone will hate him which also causes more of his sad, depressing personality. Has a big thing though with dependance, like a little puppy he needs an owner in a way, someone to depend on and know that he will be safe yet his fear of people seems to cause a hell lot of trouble for him. He hates it when he is touched, it reminds him of the time people were crule to hima dn beat him or toture him. It will always give him flashbacks when even a single person touched him. 

Eventhough Zivon seems so defenseless and weak within him is really a caring, sweet, kind, friendly soul that just seems to be lost in a labrynth. He likes to explore new things and try to do something new yet it just he seems to be lost. Dreams of one day being a cook in his own resturant even, he wants his dreams to come ture it just that he just trapped in a bubble of fear. If he ever had a friend that he himself can trust then he will absolutely loyal and do anything for the friend. So Zivon is just a shy, sad, lonely little nephilim who is just lost and needs someone to help him find the way. 


  • Cooking: As one of his stress relievers, cooking has alway been Zivon favorite thing to do. He learned from reading cook books and trying it himself out...which led him to many burns and cuts on his hands as a kid. he loves to cook, from pasta to pancakes he just loves think it's a great to exprss what he feels.
  • Sewing and Knitting: As another form of his stress relievers sewing and knitting is alway a part of his life. It was just something that cuaght his eyes. 
  • Cleaning: Being like a caretaker of his dad and house he had to learn to clean, he then enjoyed cleaning like it was his hobby.
  • Reading: When he was done with all of his housework he loves to read, any genre he just love reaing, it was like he can travel the world but without leaving the safety of his home. 


Zivon a hard life, when finding out his ability he has been shunned and beaten around for his "death touch". Lots of kids and teens loved to humilate and beat the poor Ziv around but Zivon couldn't do anything about, he was to afraid to say anything or do anything.After the harrasement went on for a long time until he was 12 his dad decided to move out just to protect him. 

After moving out and moved to the big city due to his dad able to find a cheap apartment for them to live, he stayed at the wreck apartment most of the time while his dad worked, fearing what will happen if he would go outside. After another awful event that had him elived that wherever he go there was something out there for him, he grew even more afraid and trapped inself in a world of fear.

After recieving a letter to Athalia academy he decided he didn't want to go but his dad wanted him to experince new things and try to forget what had happen to him before. He still didn't want to but his dad tried to insist him, making him belive he was strong enough to go and become the child he was before so he agreed just because he though he was causing his dad more trouble than before.

The full background before Athalia

Zivon had a very hard life... So many unfortunate events had happen to him that shaped him to what he is now. When he was still a newborn he was already abandon by his parents at an old japanese style house owned by a doll maker named Yven. When the man heard the cries of the infant Zivon outside the door he notcied that Zivon was dirty, crying, malnourished and was bleeding on his left palm, he took in the crying child and took care of him. Cleaned, feed, healed the infant yet Yven knew why couldn't take of the baby, he had troubles enough with finacials and though it would be btter if Zivon was raised in an orphanage but just one look at the note that was with Zivon in the box he was in he changed his mind quickly. 

The doll maker took care of Zivon like it was his own son, they both soon develop a great bond as father and son. They were happy, they shared so many happy moments together  yet there was that one problem the man knew that will happen. Money.. being a doll maker was hard, not much kids wants to have a doll anymore. Yven tried his best to take care of Zivon but as money goes it seemed impossible, the house began to also break down, leaky roof, broken floors, electricity going faulty... so much trouble has been added to the two lives. Zivon didn't bother actaully, he was happy enough, he learned how to cook and cleaned when his dad was gone trying to find work. He lived carefree, not bothering much only for his dad'd health.

His dad's back was getting really weak, Yven couldn't move much anymore without his cane. Zivon took charge and tried to fix up the house, cook meals, run errands and much more just to leave some stress from his dad but only at 5. He wore some doll clothes just so his dad won't pay for clothes anymore. Things were still rough but Zivon and his dad were both again happy, sadly Yven still wished he could more to his son. He wanted him to go to school, eat healthy meals, wear proper clothes..just live a proper healty life like child should be yet it seemed that Zivon didn't care about that at all just being with his dad that matter to him. 

Just being a little kid he actaully like to do house work. Just cleaning and cooking even though he get easily hurt or burned he didn't mind it. Eveen cooking he would think of being a chef, cooking for people to make them smile. It was just a dream of his but he loved to dream, he was happy... not even afraid... 

At just 6 something traumatic had happen to Zivon to see the world so frightenly, being attacked by a random stranger, forced into an assualt and a break in, it made him fear about the outside world from his home. His dad tried to help him, get better and not be scared yet Zivon was to traumatized in what happen, more unfortunate things had happen as time goes on... on his seventh birthday while walking with his dad to the train station to pick up an order for a doll he got kidnapped from a deleusional man thinking that he was his daughter and was trapped for a month in a closet with not much food or water given to him until the man gave him back to his dad from thinking that he was not his daughter. 8, he went to go to the grocery to buy some instant noodles and ended up being beaten up and humiliated in front of kids his age just for wearing girly clothing. Was forced to walk home in tattered clothing.

But at 8 is where he found his first friend, a 7 year old boy named Kiato who was staying at a cousins place for thee whole summer. He gained a crush on the young boy, his heart pounded and fluttered everytime he was near Kiato. They made a promise that one day they can meet again and well get married. He would be the wife and Kiato would be the husband. They spended a whole summer togetehr, just being happy. It was really the first time Zivon got a break from his life. Sadly...Kiato had to leave as summer was over, Zivon was heartbroken about it but he always kept the promise they both made. Things then became terrible once again...

His dad took a lone to a lone shark just so he can buy medicine, a cake and a small rabbit teddy bear for Zivon birthday yet on his ninth birthday he got beaten because the lone shark wanted his money back and he didn't get it back so he beath up Zivon right in front of his dad. At ten he got again kidnapped but from the lone shark for a week, tortured and abused until a week past his dad finally able to pay the lone shark back by asking a lone from another guy. That really scarred Zivon, for a month he couldn't leave his bed thinking that the lone shark will get to him again and hurt him... he was scared even at his dad. He grew so scared of so many things that he didn't know what to do anymore but be in his home and hide from everyone. Zivon was able to trust his dad again but couldn't patch himself up after that. He became a broken doll. 

Nothing was stopping the horrible streak of Zivon past, Eleven he then found out about his abilty but at the worst was possible situation, infront of people at the park while trying to run away from his bullies. He touched a tree in so much fear as one of his bullies pulled his arm making him freak out and made the tree rot instantly. After that he was deemed as a menace and a freak to society. Nearly everyone feared him, feared of being touched by him and turning to dust or thats what they think. They treated him bad, pushing him around, ignoring him or even letting the bullies do whatever thay want with him. they even treated his dad awfully but not as bad as him. 

The one thing that finally made Yven moved out with Zivon is when Zivon was twelve, he watching the horror himself, seeing his son getting beaten, hot wax poured down, hair being forced to be cut in public made him sick and just... It was quick, only having three luggage bags they both left the twon to live in the city. Zivon's dad found a very cheap studio apartment for them to live. It was terrrible but they manage to survive. As Yven left the house to work at small part time jobs Zivon stayed at the apartment and just kept quiet. He was too scared about the outside world enough for him to not even bother to go out anymore.

Even if they moved out Zivon couldn't get a break, Neighbors and the land lord were pretty much cruel to him, tried even to pour bleach on the pour kid and yet Zivon kep t quiet, trying to make sure his dad didn't know, he felt like he caused to much stress and panic on his dad that it was his fault for the money issues, the moving... everything he though it was all his fault. The deal went on until he was 15 when his dad finally knew what was happening. Yven was mad, he wished that Zivon told him at first yet Zivon was trying to disagree everything, for a once he was very mad at Zivon... only because he though Zivon could tell him everything yet he didn't.

Yven was truly mad that he even... hit Zivon, a punch to the face. Yven didn't know what he had done until seeing Zivon crying and looked at him with again... pure fear. Zivon never felt so lost, his dad had hit him... the only person he could trust had hit him. He didn't know what to do...After that he stayed there just crying. His dad immedietly tried to forgive for what he had done, but when Yven touched his head trying to to say he was sorry Zivon lost it. He began to throw things, cry, scream and even tried to leave. He didn't know what to do, the only person that he trust... he was scared of him.

But yet...things got worse. When Zivon tried to leave, calling his dad a monster and trying to kill him. His dad hold him down trying to make Zivon snap out of his delusional panic attack, Zivon screamed and cried, all he could see is a monster trying to kill him... becasue of that he decided to use his power on the monster. He touched his dad leg... It turned to dust quickly...When he realized what he had done... it was to late, nearly the whole left leg was gone. His dad was shocked, no words were able to come out but could only look now at his leg that was gone, he at first wonder if he did that then when he did... Zivon... he... he then saw black and fainted from all the fear and emotion building up inisde that he couldn't handle anymore. It was like a drug.. it felt once happy that he did it but at the end it always ends bitterly. 

He woke in the bed with his dad having bandages wrapping around his leg...sadly Zivon didn't remeber what had happen, he was knock out for two whole days. His dad was suprised that his son didn't know what had happen yet he decided to keep quiet on it, so his son won't be scared anymore. he made up a lie for losing his leg and pretended that never happen. Things were okay yet each day the terror schocked Zivon, flashbacks and nightmare were freaquent and what made it worse that he satrted to use a blade and... it made him happy to let go of teh pain yet it wasn't enough... he felt like he needed somthing to let it go.

They went on with thier lives, like a happy family.When he finally turned 17 Zivon received a letter for Athalia Academy, he didn't want to go... he was scared about the outside world still  but his dad told him to be brave even if he wasn't there. He wanted his son to overcome the past and live life again, Zivon still didn't want to yet he just agreed on his dad sake... so he won't be nuisance anymore. With not much left he left his home and his dad so maybe he can fix himself up again. 

Theo's Food Preference Test

  • Love: Ice Cream - "The first thing I remember eating was ice cream my dad bought for me when I was very little. It was always my favorite treat."
  • Hate: Tomatoes - "Uhh…I got pelted by tomatoes a lot…I really am afraid of them… A-a lot…"
  • Mixed: Cup Noodles - "It’s so convenient and cheap yet it’s bad for your health… I sometimes buy to much of it cause its cheap."

Theo's One Word Test

  1. What are you? Alive.
  2. How do you see yourself? Nothing.
  3. What is your personality? Pathetic.
  4. Where would you like to be most right now? Home.
  5. Why? Dad.
  6. What is your purpose? Nothing.
  7. Who are your friends? Who?
  8. Why? Lost.
  9. What do you consider most important to you? Dad.
  10. Do you have any regrets right now? Misery.
  11. What would you like to do in the future? Cook.
  12. Why? Comfort.
  13. What makes you angry? Fear.
  14. Why? Pain.
  15. What makes you happy? Dad.
  16. Why? Love.
  17. What was the most important memory for you? Cooking.
  18. How has that memory shaped you as a person? Peace.
  19. What are you lacking right now? Love.
  20. Do you intend to do anything about it? Nothing.

Further Information

Athalia History


  • Zivon actually means Alive in Russian and Borshenk is actually came from the word Boryenka which means fighter.
  • Zivon beta version was supposed to be a geeky, energetic kid who loves teddy bears and cross dress for vlogs he loves to do. 
  • Favorite Food: Ice cream
  • Least Favourite Food: Tomatoes
  • Is very much allergic to dandelions, makes him sneeze alot and watery eyes. 
  • Always dreaming of owning his own resturant while being the cook. 
  • When this character was created it was supposed to be a trap character yet the creator Destinyfailhorror17 forgot to mention it. 

Theme song


Toriko Magician in Love 愛に奇術師 PV (English Subs)-0

Zivon's Theme